About Yours Truly

Hello, name’s Conner Whitley I live in Cherokee Ok. This is my second year in Mrs. Frascht’s Digital Design class. I moved to cherokee from Winfield Kansas. I’ve been homeschooled my whole life; yep since I was a wee little lad till I was just a little lad then now I’m just a lad.
At this very moment I’m a sophomore in high school. I like playing games, the kind that needs electricity and that which is played upon a board. I like to listen to music and I like playing the piano or try to play the piano.

In Mrs. Frascht’s digital design class I have earned Brainbench certificates by passing the tests on Brainbench.com. Below I have added the certificates that I have earned.

AdobePhotoshop  <^ Adobe Photoshop 5.5 ^>

ComputerFundamentals  <^ Computer Fundamentals (Mac OS X 10.4) ^>

ComputerLiteracy  <^ Computer Literacy (Windows 7) ^>

WindowsComputerFundamentals  <^ Computer Fundamentals (Windows 7) ^>

htmlprogrammer  <^ HTML 4.0 ^>

css2  <^ CSS2 ^>

adobeindesigncs55  <^ Adobe InDesign CS5.5 ^>


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